High End Paddington Escorts

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Paddington is an area of central London who’s most notable features include St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington Green Police Station and probably most famously Paddington Station. The station is probably most famous as it featured recently in a Hollywood film about the children’s tale Paddington and now it has become yet another landmark that people wish to visit when coming to London. What I know of Paddington may be very different to most as the thing that stands out the most to me about this area of London is how incredible and beautiful the escorts are. I am lucky enough to have been able to book from high class, cheap, Asian escort agencies in the local area and I can say that by far the best service and girls come from Courtisane.

This, of course, is personal opinion. Everyone looks for different things when they are booking escorts but for me a touch of class and elegance goes a long way. I like to think that I could take the woman I am with out and she would not be out of place amongst friends or in one of the many social situations that I frequent regularly. From galas to dinners I like an escort to match up to any occasion so that I myself can relax a little more. This is exactly what Courtisane offers me. Their Paddington escorts fit this mould and more. They are discreet, friendly, funny not to mention absurdly beautiful, the perfect combination to drive you wild and spark a true connection on your booking.

Whether you are looking for a companion for a night out or just to stop in and enjoy a bottle of champagne with then there are is no better agency than Courtisane to have your needs fulfilled. Why not visit their website to find out exactly what you have been missing out on for all this time.

Find the perfect escort in Knightsbridge now!

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Knightsbridge is a small area located nicely between The City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Knightsbridge is a wealthy area near Hyde park making this a perfect location to come and relax and unwind. So while you are here why not make your time worthwhile and book an appointment now with a stunning escort in Knightsbridge to spend some quality time with.

We suggest that you visit some amazing attractions in Knightsbridge such as the Andipa Gallery with art pieces going back to the 1500’s and has had pieces such as Matisse, Picasso and Warhol sold here. This is a perfect way to unwind by seeing these beautiful pieces of art while you are accompanied with a beautiful women of your choice.

Another stunning location would definitely have to be this amazing piece of history in Knightsbridge which is the St Columbia’s Church of Scotland which has been around this site since 1884 but got bombed in 1941 so was rebuilt in 1955 and has an array of some of Scotland’s county arms. Imagine seeing all this history in one place alone. How boring would that be? Make sure you check out Greater London Escorts to find the perfect escort for you.

At Greater London Escorts we have an array of girls with different specialties to suit every man’s needs and wants. We have a girl suited to your choice from brunettes to blondes to redheads. On our galleries we can assure you that everything on our girls profiles are 100% correct and up to date so what you’re seeing is what you’re getting. Making the choice can be hard, this is why we have our friendly and amazing staff on hand so you can give us a call if you have any struggles or questions while booking.

Head over to Greater London Escorts now to find your perfect companion in Knightsbridge now!

Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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Let’s face it… not everyone has something to do for the holidays. Sure, you’ve got family and friends but sometimes you actually enjoy the thought of spending the holidays without all the rushing from house to house and dressing up. Sometimes it’s nice to simply do your own thing and enjoy the days exactly how you want. Isn’t that what the holidays should be about at heart? Allowing yourself to enjoy time off doesn’t have to mean being alone but it does mean you get to do fun things without having to explain yourself to anyone. So, if you’ve got the holidays to yourself for whatever reason and are in London during this time here are some of the best plans to get behind this holiday season.

The first thing you should know is that the important big holiday days are federal holidays so a lot of places won’t be open. This means that you have to check and double check as to where you want to go just to make sure you won’t get turned away at the door. If you’re looking for something easy and relaxed you might try the movie theatres and enjoy a movie screening when the cinemas are mostly empty. You can bring a blanket and dress down and simply enjoy the show all on your own.

If you’re more about the fun nightlife then London is definitely the place to be. Many bars, pubs and nightclubs will be offering their best Christmas and New Year’s festivities with special cocktails to honor the holidays. Just make sure you’re prepared for a wild night and lots of people doing the same thing you are. It’s a great time to get drunk off of those candy cane cocktails though.

Finally, if you think a stay at home night is more to your liking you don’t have to spend it alone. You have the ability to book a wonderful, sensual and exciting tantric massage from Tantric Dolls to welcome the New Year or simply to make sure you’ve got your eyes closed tightly by the time Santa is heading down the chimney. These massages are a completely daring experience and a great way to spend some time at home but also make the most of the giving spirit and give your most intimate self to someone else.

Advantages of a Bespoke Tantric Massage

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There are so many ancient therapies to try that are becoming more and more popular. 1464195523_staff_532_5745d9c31c2ed_tnRecently we saw that Olympians brought to light things like cupping and acupuncture which are both great ways of dealing with pain and also to help muscle recovery times and ensure that injuries don’t pose a problem to such an important event. These methods have been used for years as well as other even lesser known methods to aid people feel their best.

You don’t have to be an athlete to try these alternative treatments out as they are surprisingly cheap and can help a multitude of ways. For example tantric massages (which you can book from http://www.bespoketantricmassage.com) are a great way to help you feel healthier and even save money. Yes, studies have shown that the way we approach sex and sensuality is also the way we approach money. The deeper and more meaningful sensuality becomes in your life the deeper and more meaningful your spending of money becomes. Other than that, and perhaps a bit linked, is the fact that tantric massages teach you to be aware of the here and now instead of having your head in the clouds busy with what ifs and constant worries about the future. When you’re receiving a massage it’s necessary for all your focus to be on the things happening now and since you’re getting your body touched it’s a great way to learn to focus little by little. Of course there are other physical benefits but the truth is tantric massages are geared first and foremost toward your psychological and emotional well-being. This is because touch and learning how to be touches is closely linked to our self-worth and self-esteem and the more we open ourselves to experiences of touch and pleasure the more we open ourselves up to loving ourselves first and then letting that love extend to the people around us. Tantric massages are indeed a sensual experience but they’re also another ancient form of therapy, a therapy not just geared toward the physical body but to the emotional and psychological bits of a person which are just as important as the other.

Bangkok Sex Industry

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Bangkok is known as the carnal capital of the world as a sex industry, adept at peddling fantasies of cheap thrills on tap. Over a thousand sex-related businesses operate in the city but places such as Patpong and Sukhumvit’s Soi Nana give a misleading impression of an activity that is deeply rooted in Thai culture.

Go-go Dancer - Red light district

Go-go dancer – Red light district

Tourists travelling around quickly gain the impression that Bangkok is not much different from other major cities in Thailand, the locals are genuinely friendly and the street consists of the usual food stalls, shopping malls and night market all forming a culturally rich vibe known to the northeastern hub, when the sun sets the city’s night market quickly changes followed with the atmosphere and people it attracts.


Outside Bars - Bangkok Red Light District

Outside the bars – Bangkok

Although prostitution is illegal in Thailand, and has been for almost 70 years, the country is home to a large sex trade. The industry thrives on foreign visitors who come for companionship, thrills and even wives. Thailand’s tourism minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, has pledged to bring an end to the country’s sex industry, how it’ll affect the city’s tourism and economics is still unknown. Kobkarn stated that she wants Thailand to be about quality tourism and she believes that tourists don’t come to Thailand for the sex industry, they come for the beautiful culture which is definitely true but it’s undeniable that a large proportion of their tourists do in fact visit for the sex industry.


Thai Prostitutes - Downtown Red Light District

Thai Prostitutes – Downtown Red Light District

Thailand is home to over 123,000 sex workers, according to an Aver report. According to Havocscope, which tracks the global black market, the industry employs 250,000 people, although other accounts say it is far higher. There are many concerns that getting rid of the sex industry could result in falling income from tourism. Thailand’s minimum wage is around 300 baht ($8.59) a day, Sex workers earn roughly around 1,200 baht ($34) and each transaction for go-go girls is estimated at $85.

Men who wish to find companionship in Thailand are required to pay a bar fee in order to sit and drink with a girl such as the escorts from Absolute Angels Bangkok. Police receive payoffs from bar owners for turning a blind eye to what goes on inside, meaning that if the industry is affected they would also feel the back-draft. The research shows that if the sex industry is to go then it would have a huge impact on Thailand as a whole, not just the nightlife but the local and collective economy also tourism, business and even the culture, whether this is going to be a positive change is completely undetermined as it’s still too early to predict what will happen.

Tantric Treatment for Depression

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Depression is one of the biggest killers of our time. Not only does it actually kill people (through suicide and other means) but it also figuratively kills someone by destroying their spirit. It’s a devastating and debilitating disease that is hard to treat and many people struggle with it every single day. Sometimes pills help but what happens when they don’t?

Here is a look at two alternative therapies for depression:

Acupuncture: The theory behind acupuncture is that everyone has qi (or chi), a life force that flows through the body in channels called meridians. When we fall ill it can be due to an interruption or alteration of that energy flow. Acupuncture works by inserting small needles into the patient’s skin and it’s believed that they have the ability to restore the proper flow of the patient’s life force. This ancient form of therapy has been used throughout the centuries and has helped many people alleviate the devastating symptoms of depression.

Tantric massages: another form of therapy based on energy flow is the ancient practice of tantric massages. In these massages a female energy and male energy come together to thumbnailenhance sensual feelings and channel it throughout the entire body. These Paddington tantric massages are done by professionals here in London and have been known to also help patients feel relief from the devastating pain of living with depression. The therapy works by allowing the patient to regain power of the sensuality and letting them achieve full body orgasms which give way to a burst of chemicals in the blood that have been known to be lacking during depressive states.

Both of these ancient art forms have their pros and cons and must be studied carefully before using either of them as a form of self-medication. However, if you’ve tried everything and seem to be falling short somewhere we encourage you to visit our website and book a tantric massage today. Loss of libido is often a symptom of depression that tantric massages target. This may help you at least feel more like yourself again.

Best Bars in Leeds

Leeds escorts
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Leeds is an extremely popular city located in the Northeast, it has a lot here to cater for a great night out with your gorgeous Leeds escort. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to book escorts in Leeds, why not try Leeds Escorts VIP?

The bars in Leeds are known for their aesthetic look and great drinks that anyone can enjoy, so here is a short list of the best bars in Leeds;

Stew and Oyster 

A new and modern look at food and barman ship, the Stew and Oyster is known for its fine craft ales, world beers and spicy spirits throughout Leeds. The décor of this bar is extremely modern and with the traditional British bar food it really does emphasise a welcoming and great bar, the stunning Leeds escorts are known for romantic dates at this bar with their clients and really do love the décor and great service you get every time you come here. 36-38 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EW


Oporto is known for its regular live bands and DJ’s that play here every week, not only that but it has an astounding reputation for service and quality. As soon as you enter you’ll be amazed by the collection of spirits on the wall which towers over everyone that walks in, sometimes the staff have to get a ladder to reach some of the beverages available. The beautifully stunning Leeds escorts love visiting Oporto with clients as having a romantic drink with a client while listening to local music from Leeds quite entertaining. 33 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT

Lamb & Flag 

From a restored 19th century building to a gorgeous bar with a rich history, the Lamb & Flag is known throughout Leeds for its traditional aristocratic décor that transports you to a time of wealth and luxury. You’ll find a wide range of alcoholic drinks available with attentive staff waiting for you to order with a smile and suggestion on which drinks are better to make you a bit more lively. The gorgeous Leeds escorts absolutely adore the Lamb & Flag as it has a wonderful architecture that is hard to find in any bar these days. 1 Church Row, Leeds LS2 7HD


Why to book a Tantric Massage!

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Nearly every spa has there own perks for people looking to book a massage which is evident when you look at the long list of perks next to each massage. Sometimes though you are just looking to book a massage with out all of the unnecessary add-ons or you are looking to book a massage at home so you dot have to travel to some random town miles outside of London. This is where booking a massage from an agency such as Bliss Tantric is the perfect solution.

If you have never heard of Bliss Tantric let me tell you a little about them so you get an idea off what the type of agency they are. Based in central London Bliss Tantric works with a team of incredibly talented masseuses who specialise in the ancient art of tantra massage. The team at Bliss Tantric have years of experience which make them perfect for what they do.

You may also be wondering what a tantric massage is exactly? Well there are a number of misconception about it and if you have heard about it before then you will probably have some incorrect ideas about it. A lot of people believe that a tantric massage is just a massage with a “happy ending”. Well technically it is just not in the way you are thinking. One major difference between the massage you receive from a spa and what you receive from a tantric masseuse is the use of both yin and yang energy. A talented enough tantric masseuse will be able to blur the lines between relaxation and stimulation which helps you fully relax.

If you would like to book a tantric massage in London then as I suggested you should book with Bliss Tantric as they are possible one of the best massage parlours in London. Make sure you check out there entire website as they have a number of girls on there based all over London to make sure they can always reach you.

When to reschedule your escort booking

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Its never great when you have to reschedule a booking with your London escort but sometimes its unavoidable and you are forced to reschedule. If for any reason you have to reschedule your booking you should try and give your London escort a couple of hours notice if possible 24 hours just so she can make another booking for that time. If you have been looking forward to a booking for a while then you are going to want it to be an experience you are never going to forget so here are a few situations where you should probably think about rebooking.

  • You are ill

Its fine if you are ill its something that happens to all of us but it is not okay if you meet your London escort with a cold or the flu. If you are ill and have a booking then you should just cancel the booking and spend a night in bed getting better. Sharing a cold with your London escort is never a good idea and can certainly lead to them never accepting bookings with you again.

  • You are in a fowl mood.

Everyone has a bad day maybe you have a bad day at work or you are just in a bad mood but this is the worst time for you to spend an evening with a London escort. Even without meaning it in a fowl mood you can lash out which can happen during a booking over something so small. This can lead to you being blacklisted on a number of sites making your time booking escorts even more difficult.

If you want to spend the evening with a London escort then check out the amazing companion from Companion Concierge. They are a London based escort agency working with the best escorts in London to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Tantric Massage London for Men’s Health

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A tantric massage from a skilled masseuse at Guilty Pleasures Tantric Massage can significantly improve men’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Massage can help with injuries and strains, help to lower blood pressure, and can help with complaints such as headaches, insomnia, depression, and impotency, which is a common problem in men. There can be a physical cause for impotency, which will need medical advice, or it can be due to psychological reasons, such as anxiety, depression, stress, or relationship problems. Booking a tantric massage London with one of our wonderful masseuses will help you to relax, de-stress, and can also help to aid impotency.

The aim at Guilty Pleasures is to provide you with a safe, private, relaxing environment in which you can explore your desires and your needs with a lady who enjoys sharing her tantric experience with you. The aim of tantra is to build up levels of arousal slowly, bit by bit. Many of our clients find it is mentally liberating not to have any pressure to perform, or to do anything for anyone else; the focus is on your pleasure and enjoyment – which can really help you to completely relax.

Talk to your masseuse about any concerns you have – you will find she is incredibly intuitive and sensitive to your needs. Our girls come from a background in massage therapy and have received further training from our in-house tantric master. The sensual guidance of a more experienced tantra practitioner can help you to practice the ability to maintain the levels of arousal that you will achieve during your tantric massage London. Afterwards, you will feel renewed and are likely to experience increased levels of confidence.

A tantric massage is an enjoyable way to experience many health benefits, both physiological and psychological, which in turn aids the physiological and psychological reasons why you may be experiencing impotency. Get in touch with us and experience the many health benefits of a tantric massage London.

Best Restaurants in Kensington

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Kensington is one of the most affluent areas of London if not the most affluent with many famous faces here, it’s a brilliant place to bring someone for a meal especially one of the Kensington escorts so here is a short list of the best restaurants in Kensington.

An image of the Cote restaurant in London.

Cote Restaurant, London.


This fabulous little French delight is based in Kensington and has a huge reputation as one of the most highly appraised restaurants in Kensington, its cuisine is all French-based with ideas and styles coming from Paris itself with a lovely modern twist using fresh quality ingredients all day every day, Cote also possesses an excellent selection of wines, champagnes and spirits at your expense. 47 Kensington Court, London, W8 5DA

An image of the rooftop gardens in London.

The Rooftop gardens in London.

The Roof Gardens and Babylon 

The Roof Gardens offers and amazing view of London’s skyline and most of the city at that with a club and a restaurant, the restaurant itself serves contemporary British cuisine with such care and precision that it melts upon your taste buds, furthermore the menus change regularly to give the restaurant some more choice as well as having 8 food menus and 2 alcoholic menus you really can be stuck for choice here. 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA


An image of Zaika of Kensington.

Zaika of Kensington

Zaika is a wonderful refined, creative and contemporary cuisine from northern India with a heavy influence from Mughal and Nawabi styles, Zaika opened its doors in 1999 and has earned 2 AA rosettes and has come far being one of the most prestigious Indian restaurants in London, the menu for Zaika is excellently chosen with new varieties coming in every season and being freshly prepared as well as some ingredients coming from India itself. 1 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP

London Escort

Exclusive Company London Escorts

Kensington Company 

Kensington being such an affluent and busy area is bound to have some of the most beautiful women in London and that is correct, at Exclusive Company London Escorts they have an exquisite amount of beautiful escorts available 24/7 at your expense, these girls are the best at their professions and are always looking to train and hone their skills just for you, take them to dinner have a great time or just book a hotel and enjoy a night of fun.



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