Best Bars in Leeds

Leeds escorts
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Leeds is an extremely popular city located in the Northeast, it has a lot here to cater for a great night out with your gorgeous Leeds escort. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to book escorts in Leeds, why not try Leeds Escorts VIP?

The bars in Leeds are known for their aesthetic look and great drinks that anyone can enjoy, so here is a short list of the best bars in Leeds;

Stew and Oyster 

A new and modern look at food and barman ship, the Stew and Oyster is known for its fine craft ales, world beers and spicy spirits throughout Leeds. The décor of this bar is extremely modern and with the traditional British bar food it really does emphasise a welcoming and great bar, the stunning Leeds escorts are known for romantic dates at this bar with their clients and really do love the décor and great service you get every time you come here. 36-38 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EW


Oporto is known for its regular live bands and DJ’s that play here every week, not only that but it has an astounding reputation for service and quality. As soon as you enter you’ll be amazed by the collection of spirits on the wall which towers over everyone that walks in, sometimes the staff have to get a ladder to reach some of the beverages available. The beautifully stunning Leeds escorts love visiting Oporto with clients as having a romantic drink with a client while listening to local music from Leeds quite entertaining. 33 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT

Lamb & Flag 

From a restored 19th century building to a gorgeous bar with a rich history, the Lamb & Flag is known throughout Leeds for its traditional aristocratic décor that transports you to a time of wealth and luxury. You’ll find a wide range of alcoholic drinks available with attentive staff waiting for you to order with a smile and suggestion on which drinks are better to make you a bit more lively. The gorgeous Leeds escorts absolutely adore the Lamb & Flag as it has a wonderful architecture that is hard to find in any bar these days. 1 Church Row, Leeds LS2 7HD