Client Misconceptions

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There are many common misconceptions about what a high class Paddington escort is and what she does. There are equally as many stereotypical misconceptions about the gentlemen who choose to book appointments.


The Most Common Client Misconceptions:


All Clients Are Loaded


The gentlemen who choose to spend their quality time in the company of elite Mayfair escorts come from all walks of life. Some are exceptionally wealthy and successful businessmen and others earn a regular wage. Whilst it is true that it is helpful to have fluid funds, when booking high class London escort appointments, these bookings are available to any gentleman on any salary.

Having the luxury of disposable income may mean that a gentleman can indulge more, but he doesn’t have to be loaded to meet his companionship needs.


Mature Clients Are Creepy Old Men


Generally a gentleman who is over the age of 50 is considered to be ‘mature’. Whilst it is true than some men in this age range let themselves go, and don’t make any effort with their physical appearance or social connections, the discerning mature gentleman who spends time quality time with elite escorts in Paddington could never be described as creepy or old. These gentlemen are young at heart and have impeccable grooming standards, which takes years off them.


Regulars Are Losers


Gentlemen who make frequent appointments with high class Paddington escorts are affectionately referred to as ‘regulars’. The term ‘loser’ usually implies that a man has no life, no friends and no relationships with women. None of this rings true for the regular client. Regulars are likeable, friendly and approachable gentlemen who very much enjoy the company of beautiful and intelligent women. They make regular and frequent appointments because they particularly love spending time with their perfect and favourite elite London escort.


All Clients Are Cheats And Womanisers


Some gentlemen who make appointments with elite Paddington escorts are married or in a committed relationship, and have consciously made a decision to cheat on their partner. The majority of clients however, are single men who are either too busy to establish a romantic relationship or just not inclined to do so. A gentleman who books appointments with high class escorts in Paddington is free to do as he pleases. He can spend all of his time in the company of one exclusive London escort or he can make appointments to see several. He has full control over how he wants to spend his time, even though his wife or girlfriend may not approve.