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Knightsbridge is a small area located nicely between The City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Knightsbridge is a wealthy area near Hyde park making this a perfect location to come and relax and unwind. So while you are here why not make your time worthwhile and book an appointment now with a stunning escort in Knightsbridge to spend some quality time with.

We suggest that you visit some amazing attractions in Knightsbridge such as the Andipa Gallery with art pieces going back to the 1500’s and has had pieces such as Matisse, Picasso and Warhol sold here. This is a perfect way to unwind by seeing these beautiful pieces of art while you are accompanied with a beautiful women of your choice.

Another stunning location would definitely have to be this amazing piece of history in Knightsbridge which is the St Columbia’s Church of Scotland which has been around this site since 1884 but got bombed in 1941 so was rebuilt in 1955 and has an array of some of Scotland’s county arms. Imagine seeing all this history in one place alone. How boring would that be? Make sure you check out Greater London Escorts to find the perfect escort for you.

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