How To Be Irresistible

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To be irresistible to any high class Canary Wharf escort a gentleman has to ensure he really has everything going on. If you’re keen to upgrade your appeal read on for some practical advice…

Be Confident

Natural confidence is an attractive trait that is appealing to all high class Canary Wharf escorts. When you’re trying to impress take a deep breath and correct your posture. Smile and use eye contact to show that you’re friendly and approachable. Above all be yourself.

Be Passionate

When you engage your exclusive Canary Wharf escort companion in conversation show her you have a passionate nature by talking about things that interest you and that fire your imagination. Keep the conversation light, fun and friendly so that you easily build rapport.

Be Romantic

Romance is about more than buying your high class Canary Wharf escort roses and chocolates. Show your romantic side by being thoughtful and paying attention to the little things. Your exclusive London escort companion will quickly notice how attentive and romantic you are.


Be Masculine

Show your true masculinity by being a gentleman and not a caveman. Be polite and respectful and have good manners. You don’t need to show your dominant possessive and controlling side to prove that you’re a man.

Be Thoughtful

Pay your attractive high class Canary Wharf escort a few genuine compliments to show that you appreciate the time and effort she is making for you. Your considerate and thoughtful behaviour will be remembered.

Be Spontaneous

Exclusive Canary Wharf escorts love to spend quality time in the company of gentlemen who know how to be spontaneous and adventurous. Have a few surprises up your sleeve so that your appointment doesn’t fail to excite.

Be Attentive

If you’re looking for attention and affection from your high class Canary Wharf escort companion show her that you know how to be equally attentive. Use eye contact to build rapport and to deepen the intimate connection, and be interested in everything she has to say.

Look The Part

There is little point in knowing how to dazzle with your personality and charm if your physical appearance looks untidy and unkempt. Show that you have it all going on by making sure you are well groomed and stylishly dressed.

Wear clothes that fit you like a glove so that you walk and talk with natural confidence. Your high class Canary Wharf escort will be impressed by your charisma and will find you irresistible.