Paddington escorts agree chivalry is dead

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And it’s not something they lament!  A very insightful article on Unwritten has revealed that women aren’t really that bothered about all the “chivalry” stuff most people consider to be “gentlemanly” and “correct.”  It’s a refreshing change we must say, and one that is welcomed by a number of Paddington escorts…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these Paddington escorts we refer to are actually all for it.  They’re wined and dined and treated to all the luxuries their hearts could desire in many respects.  However, that doesn’t change the way many of them feel.  They’re also very modern young women who are more than capable of doing these things for themselves.  They just don’t show it because they believe that many of their clients actually prefer them to be receptive to it in many cases!  We’re an evolving society however, yet it’s surprising how many people don’t seem to be on board.

Don’t get us wrong of course, there’s nothing wrong with being treated nicely.  But that’s not the same is it?  Not really.  You should ideally be “nice” to everyone you meet, and if you’re on a date with Paddington escorts (or indeed anyone) you should of course try to impress; but there’s no reason to resort to overdoing it.

Who has time for chivalry?

Isn’t it best that we simply respect women in the same way as we respect men?  This is what the majority of modern women want these days, and it’s not that hard to do really is it.  We realise that when you’re greeted with the beauty and overall demeanour of some of the Paddington escorts you’ll find at our agency, you’re likely to simply want to take care of them and pander to their every whim, but take it easy.  It’s not like opening doors for people should be restricted to just women anyway really is it?  There’s no harm in allowing a man to go before you through a door and you to hold the door for him.

Most of it is contrived anyway!

Apparently, there are a number of women who don’t feel like the gentlemen who act chivalrous are actually being genuine anyway.  They simply believe that it’s because they’re attractive.  And even if it isn’t a blatant ploy to get into a woman’s pants, in many cases it’s still an indication that they’d like to!  Mark our words when we tell you this gents.  It doesn’t take Paddington escorts to know when you’re overdoing it, the majority of women can spot a faker a mile away these days!

Paddington escorts will reciprocate

In this modern day you could actually expect your date to pick you up for a change, and perhaps even pay for dinner, rather than subscribing to the old myths and customs associated with dating.  Not Paddington escorts of course!  They’re not likely to pick you up, and they’re certainly not likely to pay for dinner!  They will however, always appreciate a nice person and reciprocate with their time and attentions.

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