Tantric Treatment for Depression

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Depression is one of the biggest killers of our time. Not only does it actually kill people (through suicide and other means) but it also figuratively kills someone by destroying their spirit. It’s a devastating and debilitating disease that is hard to treat and many people struggle with it every single day. Sometimes pills help but what happens when they don’t?

Here is a look at two alternative therapies for depression:

Acupuncture: The theory behind acupuncture is that everyone has qi (or chi), a life force that flows through the body in channels called meridians. When we fall ill it can be due to an interruption or alteration of that energy flow. Acupuncture works by inserting small needles into the patient’s skin and it’s believed that they have the ability to restore the proper flow of the patient’s life force. This ancient form of therapy has been used throughout the centuries and has helped many people alleviate the devastating symptoms of depression.

Tantric massages: another form of therapy based on energy flow is the ancient practice of tantric massages. In these massages a female energy and male energy come together to thumbnailenhance sensual feelings and channel it throughout the entire body. These Paddington tantric massages are done by professionals here in London and have been known to also help patients feel relief from the devastating pain of living with depression. The therapy works by allowing the patient to regain power of the sensuality and letting them achieve full body orgasms which give way to a burst of chemicals in the blood that have been known to be lacking during depressive states.

Both of these ancient art forms have their pros and cons and must be studied carefully before using either of them as a form of self-medication. However, if you’ve tried everything and seem to be falling short somewhere we encourage you to visit our website and book a tantric massage today. Loss of libido is often a symptom of depression that tantric massages target. This may help you at least feel more like yourself again.