The Top Five Wine Bars in London

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Ever since London has emerged from the recession, it has come a long way from offering just the typical reds and a white, when it comes to wine. The streets of the city are bustling with the new-age wine bars that offer the perfect ambiance, atmosphere and an explosive list of wine to satiate the likes of all. But of course, there is no fun in sipping wine all alone and so, do not feel shy to hire the services of 24 hour London escorts which you can find here: and visit one or all of the bars mentioned below.

Sager + Wilde is Perfect for a First Date

This is a hip corner bar and the owners of this really cool place are the drivers behind the city’s wine scene. Located in Hackney, it offers an incredible list of wines at tiny mark-ups. The interior of this place is decorated with exposed walls, re-purposed station lights and a salvaged, glass brick bar and the moment you enter this place, you feel cozy, warm with a hint of romance. Their list of wine changes daily and they are also known for their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Are You a Foodie? Try Out 40 Maltby Street

This innocuous bar is set in the railway-arch warehouse of importer Gergovie Wines and it has a shabby-chic decor with wooden pallet tables. You might not have expectations when you come to this place owing to its decor but brace yourself because when it comes to wines, they like to let the land and the grape speak for itself. Are you not au fait with natural wines? You are in for a surprise! This wine bar is perfect for a cozy and intimate evening with a gorgeous woman.

Bedford & Strand

This subterranean wine bar offers a classic list of wines that is sure to impress you. If you have plans elsewhere and want to stop for a quick drink, this bar is perfect with its spindle-backed chairs, chequerboard tiling and a menu of bistro classics. The moment you enter this place, you will feel like a Frenchman.

Toasted: Where the Fun Begins

The wine list of Toasted seeks to cater to the tastes and budget of all and has a selection of over 200 wines. To accompany the booze, they have delicacies like raw grey mullet or sourdough beignets. Bring along a beautiful escort with you to enjoy sipping wine, eating delicious food and getting drunk in the arms of a seductive woman.

Do You Have An Adventurous Palate? Check Out Vivat Bacchus

The motto of Vivat Bacchus is “Life is too short to drink bad wine”, and you can hardly argue with this. The decor and decoration of this bar is simple and nothing flashy but the win list is extraordinary. Not being too flashy, it provides you to have an intimate and cozy time with your pretty companion while getting drunk on some of the most exquisite wines. Their food menu can surprise you too. You can expect to be served zebras and springbok, among other items.

The London escorts are a game for anything that you would like to do or see. Spice up your wine drinking experiences by taking one of the exotic escorts along with you to any of the above mentioned bars and indulge in some mischievous and intimate activities when the wine hits you in the head! Next time you visit a wine bar, do not forget to take a date.