When to reschedule your escort booking

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Its never great when you have to reschedule a booking with your London escort but sometimes its unavoidable and you are forced to reschedule. If for any reason you have to reschedule your booking you should try and give your London escort a couple of hours notice if possible 24 hours just so she can make another booking for that time. If you have been looking forward to a booking for a while then you are going to want it to be an experience you are never going to forget so here are a few situations where you should probably think about rebooking.

  • You are ill

Its fine if you are ill its something that happens to all of us but it is not okay if you meet your London escort with a cold or the flu. If you are ill and have a booking then you should just cancel the booking and spend a night in bed getting better. Sharing a cold with your London escort is never a good idea and can certainly lead to them never accepting bookings with you again.

  • You are in a fowl mood.

Everyone has a bad day maybe you have a bad day at work or you are just in a bad mood but this is the worst time for you to spend an evening with a London escort. Even without meaning it in a fowl mood you can lash out which can happen during a booking over something so small. This can lead to you being blacklisted on a number of sites making your time booking escorts even more difficult.

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